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If you operate a small business in the trades, whether plumbing, electrical, framing, construction, flooring, cabinets… well, you get the idea; you need to have a website. Websites aren’t just for selling online, they serve a far greater purpose for trades. See these five points:

1. Websites encourage trust

If your potential customers can look you up online and see a professional website, the trust level goes up. It’s the same idea as you showing up to the job site wearing your branded shirt and hat with your logo, or showing up in shorts and a torn t-shirt. One is professional, and the other leaves a poor taste in the mouth of the client. Looking professional offline and online are equally important.

2. Contact details

The generations of today don’t grab the yellow pages when looking for a business, they look online. Even when I order pizza from down the road, I Google for their number, I don’t look for the flyer, the Internet is much faster. If people have heard of your company, seen your truck, or been referred to you by a friend, they are going to search for you online. You need to come up at the top of search engines with your own professional website.

3. Testimonials

When someone is deciding who to hire, they want to know if your past customers are happy with you. Your website is a great way to highlight past work and happy customers. Add your customers picture, or photo of the job and post their feedback on the job you completed. This raises the comfort level of the person on your website by the credibility you just gave yourself by sharing real people and real feedback.

4. About you

Share how long you have been in your trade, where you went to school, what your credentials are, these are all trust factors that you will benefit from by sharing with customers on your website. Have a great story? Maybe you’re a third generation roofer, share that! That means you are experienced and are a business that customers can trust!

5. Photos

People prefer photos, period. You can tell me about your trade, about the kitchens you have designed, or the steel roofing you offer, but if you can show me photos of what you’ve done in the last six months I can really understand it and see what I like. Use your website to showcase your best work, people want to see it.


That’s just five reasons why your small business needs to have a website. There’s even more benefits, but we know you’re busy.

Until November 22nd, we’ve knocked our initial setup fee down to $197 for trade websites (No coupon needed). We’re the fastest, easiest and the most inexpensive way to get your business online. We build and manage your website for you. Spend your time doing what you do best. Contact us today and let us answer any questions you may have.


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